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Asia Silicon (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. is a young and energetic modern high-tech enterprise, born for the long-term solution of the ultra-high-purity polysilicon raw materials needed for the future use of solar energy as a clean energy source and growing with the rapid development of the global solar PV industry.

The survival and development of modern human beings rely on energy supply . However, the traditional fossil energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal is depleting and have caused great pollution to the environment, resulting in serious global climate change problems that threatens the survival of human beings, animals and plants. On the other hand, nuclear energy utilization could have potentially unpredictable and catastrophic consequences. The new energy represented by solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation has proven to be the basis for the survival and development of mankind in the future, and has been greatly developed in recent years. The rapid development of the PV industry has provided a broad market space for high-purity polysilicon materials!

 Asia Silicon will continue to be committed to the development of solar PV industry, and actively respond to the call of the governments to promote the development of cyclic economy, to align with and surpass leading international PV companies, to strengthen our own enterprise, to extend the local PV industry chain, and to make due contributions to solving the sharp conflict between human beings’ future energy demand and environmental protection.


  • Phone: +86-0971-8812000    Fax:+86-0971-8812213
  • ZipCode:
  • Address: No.1 Jingui Road, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining, Qinghai
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